Saints & Sinners Assist with Christmas Giveaway

The Circus Saints and Sinners recently presented a check for $3,500 to the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple to assist with its annual Christmas Giveaway project according to Saints and Sinners member Dean Connors.

“I had the privilege of volunteering during the church’s Thanksgiving giveaway a few weeks ago,” Connors said. “I was so inspired by what I saw, and realizing the increased need due to COVID-19, I wanted our club to help out in a more impactful way. We didn’t have time to plan one of our regular projects, but after a few phone calls and emails to our members and sponsor network, we were able to quickly raise $3,500 in monetary donations and toys.”

Saints and Sinners President Chuck Hood indicated that the club hopes to support the work of the church more substantially in the future.

“This is such a great cause, one that helps literally hundreds and hundreds of families in need,” Hood said. “We hope to add the church as a beneficiary of one of our major fundraising projects in the future, which will enable us to donate significantly more money.”